Telescopic Span

Telescopic Span

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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Adjustable Telescopic Spans. Our range of Industrial Telescopic Spans successfully caters specific needs and requirements of customers. These Adjustable Telescopic Spans are made from the finest raw materials to ensure total quality and complete satisfaction of customers. It has a unique design to give exceptionally high load bearing capacity for its low weight.

Our excellent Telescopic Span consists of outer and inner member, which are manufactured in three convenient lengths. Combination of any two, will generally meet the site requirement. High performing Low Weight Telescopic Spans are available at very economical prices.


  • Exceptionally high load bearing capacity for its low weight.
  • Gives maximum safety with minimum supervision.
  • Eliminates cost of cutting and wastage of timber.
  • Stands up to rough site handling and reduces maintenance cost.
  • No intermediate vertical shoring  free access below.
  • Assured load bearing capacity.
  • Compact for storage and transport.
  • Some of typical examples of minimum & maximum spans obtainable with varying combinations of member components

Check list:

  • Before using old SSS spans. Check all welds for soundness.
  • Make sure locking screw is tightened properly.
  • Make sure bearer plates rest firmly on the support.
  • Ensure runners supporting SSS span bearer plate is adequately strong and that it properly transfers load to supporting prop


  • 2350x4150 mm
  • 2500x4250 mm